Who We Are

Niagara Children's Centre is an accredited, non-profit charitable organization which is overseen by a 11 member Board of Directors. The Centre serves all 12 municipalities within the Region of Niagara.  The Management Staff of the Centre consists of a Chief Executive Officer, four managers and a Director of Development. There are approximately 90 employees, most of them being rehabilitation therapists with specialized pediatric training.   The Centre receives funding from variety of sources including the Ministry of Children and Youth Services,  Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, the Regional Municipality of Niagara, Niagara Prosperity Initiative and donations made by individuals, local service clubs, businesses and community organizations.

Quick Facts: Niagara Children's Centre

  • Niagara Children’s Centre is a children’s rehabilitation centre serving children and youth with physical, developmental and/or communicative disabilities.
  • Primary services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology and social work.
  • Is the Lead Agency for Speech Services Niagara, a multi-agency preschool speech and language program
  • Operates with the vision: “Niagara's Children and Youth at their Best”
  • Was established in 1964 as a voluntary, non-profit charitable organization.
  • Employs approximately 90 full and part-time staff
  • Operates with a mandate to serve children from the Region of Niagara
  • Receives the majority of its funding from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.
  • Operates with an annual budget of approximately $6.5 million
  • Operates a Development Office to raise additional funds to support the mission of the Centre
  • Is one of 20 Children’s Treatment Centres operating in the province
  • In 2014 and 2017, the Centre earned a three-year Accreditation from CARF International

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission (Ends Policy)

We enable children and youth with physical, developmental and communicative delays or disabilities to achieve their optimal potential within their home, school and community environments. 

We do this through delivering a continuum of therapeutic supports and services to children and families and by working with our partners to deliver coordinated, integrated and family-centred care. 

Our Vision

Niagara's Children and Youth at their Best

Our Values

  • Children and Families Come First
  • Excellence and innovation are cornerstones of our achievements
  • Teamwork and Partnerships are vital
  • Respect underlies all we do

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Interpretation of the Mission  (Ends Policy)

The children and youth served will range in ages as follows:

  • birth to Senior Kindergarten age for primary speech clients
  • birth to 16 years for new referrals for primary clients receiving multidisciplinary service
  • Transition to adult services from medical clinics at 18 years
  • Transition to adult services for all other services by the youth's 19th birthday

Children will achieve their individual potential to participate in the areas of communication, mobility, self care, school and leisure. 

Quality of Life is the degree to which a child or youth enjoys the important possibilities of his or her own life.  This may include physical, emotional, social, productive and material well being.

Children will be considered primary or secondary clients based on their need for Niagara Children's Centre core services.

  • Primary clients receive a full range of service including diagnostics and intervention from core services of SLP, OT and PT; and services of social work, psychology and preschool resource. 
  • Secondary clients receive primary supports in the community, with the Centre providing a selected range of services of SLP, OT and PT. Diagnostic services are not provided.


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Funded in part by Niagara Region through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative 



Ontario Association for Children's Rehabilitation Services (OACRS)

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Niagara Children’s Centre is a member of OACRS  and a member of the Centre’s Board of Directors is a representative on the OACRS Board of Directors.

The Ontario Association for Children’s Rehabilitation Services is a non-profit, independent organization that represents all 21 Children’s Treatment Centres in Ontario.  OACRS provides a powerful united voice for our member centres and delivers leadership by influencing policy, programs and funding to maximize the potential for all children and youth facing physical, communication and/or developmental challenges.

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