Rotary Club of Welland donates a mechanical lift system to Niagara Children’s Centre

Apr. 18, 2017

Niagara Children’s Centre is proud to announce the installation of a new mechanical lift system for their Complex Needs and Physical Medicine clinic room. The total investment totalling over $5,100 came as a donation from the Rotary Club of Welland, who have been supporters of the Centre for over 50 years.

With the recent expansion of Niagara Children’s Centre’s medical clinics, the Centre is seeing more clients who require a mechanical lift to transfer them from their wheelchair to an examining table.

Track lifting (where the device is mounted to a track system in the ceiling) is the most efficient and easiest system to move a client to a fixed treatment area.  It provides the highest level of comfortability and is the safest way to move larger children and youth served by Niagara Children’s Centre.

“Children and youth who are unable to transfer themselves into and out of their wheelchair and are in excess of a particular weight present challenges to parents/caregivers and clinicians including our physicians. In order to provide an effective examination and/or provide intervention, the child/youth needs to be out of their chair and placed on a suitable surface. The track lifting system enables us to safely and conveniently move the child from their wheelchair to a platform bed without risking injury to the child, the caregivers or the clinicians. It also allows our families who are considering a similar system for their homes an opportunity to see how the equipment works and to see if it will meet the needs of their child.”, shares Dorothy Harvey, Manager Rehabilitation Services at Niagara Children’s Centre.

Approximately 40-50 clients will benefit from the use of this lift, when they are attending their clinic appointments at the Centre.

“Rotary Club of Welland is committed to giving back to the community and supporting Niagara Children’s Centre in their pursuit to provide excellent care for families in Niagara. We feel a strong sense of pride that the installation of the track lift will allow for safer and more efficient transfers for children receiving treatment at Niagara Children’s Centre. It’s our pleasure to be involved in giving back to the community in such a meaningful way,” stated Tamara Coleman-Lawrie, Club President.


About Rotary Club of Welland

The Rotary Club of Welland was chartered on April 1, 1920, 15 years after the beginning of what is now known as Rotary International, a world-wide organization of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.


Welland Rotary has been actively involved within the local community and throughout the world for 97 years. Our worldwide motto of ‘Service Above Self’ is evident in the ways in which our club members are actively engaged in both local and global community service.  Over nearly 100 years, the Rotary Club of Welland has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in our community that aim at improving the lives and wellbeing of women, children, families and our community as a whole.


Our Club was a charter member of the Niagara Children’s Centre in 1964 and has continued to support this great organization throughout the years. Some of our Members have participated directly with the Centre through involvement at the Board level. We are pleased to support this regional organization to help kids shine.


About Niagara Children’s Centre:  

Niagara Children’s Centre provided rehabilitation and support services to over 3,200 children and youth last year across the Niagara Region with physical, developmental and communicative delays.

Children cared for include those with developmental speech and language delays, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, brain injury and neurological conditions and developmental delay. 
The primary source of funding is the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.


For further information contact:

Oksana Fisher, Chief Executive Officer   905-688-1890 ext 102