How Family-Centered Are We? The Results are In!

Jul. 05, 2017

During February and March, the Centre surveyed families to help us understand how family-centered we are in providing our services.  The results are in and families gave us very positive feedback!

The survey tool we used was the MPOC (Measure of Processes of Care). The survey asked 20 questions on five “scale” areas that are known to be important aspects of family-centered service:

  • Enabling and Partnership: parent feelings about how involved that they have been in their child’s care
  • Providing General Information: parent feelings about how much general information they have been given about areas such as services and supports, child development in general, other services available in the community 
  • Providing Specific Information about the Child:  parent feelings about how much information they have been given about their child specifically
  • Coordinated and Comprehensive Care for the Child and Family: parent feelings about how well coordinated and holistic the services for their child and family have been.
  • Respectful and Supportive Care: parent feelings about whether they have been treated with respect and as partners in their child’s care. 

Families ranked us on each question from 1 (not at all) to 7 (to a great extent).  Questions were then clustered into the scale areas for a “scale score”.  Our survey results were as follows:

  2017 Survey Results


(highest possible score is 7)

Enabling and Partnership




Providing General Information




Providing Specific Information




Coordinated and Comprehensive Care




    Respectful and Supportive Care




Scores of 4 -5 are generally considered satisfactory with anything above a 6 is considered exemplary.

All of our scale scores were about 6, indicating that families perceive that we are providing a very high level of family-centered service.  We will continue to look for ways to ensure that we keep families at the centre of our services. 

Thank you to all families who provided us with this valuable feedback.   We are also very appreciative of the advice from our Family Advisory Network members during this survey process.

Niagara Children’s Centre surveys families with the MPOC every 2 years as part of our quality program. Results of the survey are reviewed to look for opportunities to strengthen and improve upon our current practices and/or to determine whether improvements we have made have been effective.

If you are interested in further information on the MPOC you can follow the following link