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Preschool Resource

Who We Are

The principle of integration or inclusion guides the provision of services to children and families of Niagara Children’s Centre. This principle requires client integration into community-based services. Early Childhood Education Resource teachers (ECE-RT’s) are professionals who provide specialized supports to ensure that children experience success within a fully integrated child care centre classroom. Such supports may include the development of improved readiness to learn in the following areas:

  • cognitive
  • gross motor
  • fine motor
  • speech and language
  • behavioural
  • social
  • emotional

Early Childhood Education is a regulated profession in Ontario.


ECE-RTS at Niagara Children’s Centre provide single discipline and team-based services through our Infant and Preschool program as well as in Glenridge Hill Child Care.   

Contact and Referrals

For information regarding ECE-RT supports at Niagara Children’s Centre please contact Julie Michell (905) 688-1890 Ext 190.

Referrals for ECE-RT supports are made through the Regional Municipality of Niagara Child Care Assistance website:

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Resources and Links

  • College of Early Childhood Educators

    The College of Early Childhood Educators (the College) is a professional self-regulatory body for the early childhood educators formed to protect the public interest and focused on the quality and standards in the practice of early childhood education.
  • Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers

    Informational handout.
  • Pencil Grasp

    Informational handout.
  • Scissor Skills

    Informational handout.

Upcoming Events

  • Sensory Processing

    February 27 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    A parent education session designed to provide parents with information… More >