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We had an exciting Joy Day today! Everyone had a chance to meet Santa and receive a special gift. Cameron chose to sit beside Santa, rather than on his lap. Madison proved that you're never too old to love a visit from Mr. Claus.
Khayden said he was nervous about meeting Santa but loved the Moose he received :)
Owen ran to sit with Santa. He was beaming with excitement! Jordan looked beautiful sitting with the big guy and Tommy told Santa he was hoping for some new toy cars for Christmas.  What a great day for our school!


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Later in the morning, we talked about writing to Santa. Mrs. Morgan brought some friends from home who had written their own Christmas lists. We worked in teams to find all the items from the lists around the classroom. Patrick was excited to work with his friends and helped to show the items they found to the class. Cameron loved carrying around the stocking!  We talked about what we need to do when working in teams.
Khayden said, “Each person needs to do half the work.”
Jordan commented, “Both people need to listen to each other’s ideas and share with each other. It’s not right when people don’t work together.”
Lucas said, “Both people need to help.”
At one point during the activity, Jordan didn’t want help from her team mate. We brainstormed nice ways to tell someone when we don’t want help.
“Lucas doesn’t need help.”- Lucas
“I don’t need help, please and thank you.”- Nathan
“Please don’t help me.”- Tommy
“Please don’t help me. I can do it myself.”- Khayden
It was great to hear our ideas about nice ways to tell people ‘No’ when we want to do something on our own. Asking for help when we need it is important, but so is trying things by oneself.

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Mrs. Morgan's class is learning about recycling.




Today Mrs. Morgan's class had a visit from the Niagara Recycling Centre. They learned what items go in the blue, grey and green bins. Mrs. Morgan's class will soon be teaching the rest of the school this lesson as they work on achieving our ECO School status.

Mrs. Morgran's class is working on getting their cooking badge in Scouts.

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