Mrs. Ridge's Class

Mrs. Ridge's Library!!!

Mrs. Ridge wrote limericks with us! 

Written by Bhagya

All About Me

There once was a young girl called Bhagya. She loves to watch Barbie ya. She likes to watch Treehouse,

and hopes to not to find a mouse in her house. She likes to dance and say hee ha!

written by Nathan

There was a boy named Nathan who’s best  friend’s name is Khayden. He loves oatmeal, and the way it makes him feel. He climbs like spiderman.

written by tommy

There  once  was  a    

boy named  Tom,   

He has  a  special  mom,

He likes to eat pizza,

With his friend named


And he is  also  nice  

and  calm.


written by owen


There once was a

Boy called  Owen

Who had a friend

Named Rowen

He just turned 9

And he’s looking fine

Oh my how he is



written by khayden

There once was a boy called Khayden,

Who wanted to live in a den,

He stays up late

And has a mate

He goes to bed at 10!


written by Patrick

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