Cameron is curious, friendly and knows what he wants. At 10 years old, he’s a well-known and well-loved face at Niagara Children’s Centre.

Cameron’s parents have had a mantra since he began receiving therapy at six months old.  It is simply the word, “believe”.  Believing in Cameron – all that he is, and all that he can be – and Niagara Children’s Centre has been there to support them in that mantra every step of the way. 
After being diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, Cameron and his parents were referred to the Centre where he began receiving physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.  His parents attended all of those therapy sessions and received helpful advice from the therapists on how they could continue to support his progress. They were also able to receive social work support and attend parent education, which helped them connect with other parents who understand their daily struggles and triumphs. 
Cameron’s mom, Jennifer, shared, “The classes for parents made such a difference and gave us a better understanding of what we could do to support Cameron at home. Over time, it felt like a giant weight was lifted and we weren’t alone anymore because Niagara Children’s Centre was there to help. There are no words to describe that feeling.” 
This past year, Cameron attended the Centre School where he focused on building his physical strength and mastering his communication device – an iPad programmed with his specific needs in mind, so that he can share his wants and needs with his family.

 Meet his family and experience their journey here.



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