When Emmaline's family was referred to the Centre upon her birth in October of 2010 with a diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome, they were unsure of many things.

Her mother, Denise, researched everything there was to know about Down’s Sydrome, but was nervous about her daughter’s future.  “The Centre taught us how to live with Down’s Syndrome,” she explains. “You can research all kinds of things, but the Centre really helped our family to learn together what life what would be.”

Her two older brothers, Josh and Ethan attended therapy sessions with Emma and were always welcomed. Ethan, being only 16 months older than Emma, particularly enjoyed seeing Emma’s Infant Preschool Resource Program (IPRP) classroom. Denise and her husband Sean have also attended many of the parenting programs, which they found helpful, not only with Emma but their boys as well. “The Triple P Parenting classes and It Takes Two to Talk were valuable for us.”

Today Emma is thriving. She loves swimming lessons, cooking classes, arts and crafts, all while interacting with the other kids in her IPRP class. Denise says the Centre has been of benefit beyond the classroom “we have stayed in contact with some of the friends she has made at the Centre, which is great therapy for her and me.”

With the Centre’s focus on Family Centred Care, getting the whole family involved really helps the child shine, and this is evident with the Emma's family.



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