Patrick and Cameron

Patrick & Cameron’s Story 
Helping the Whole Family Through Teamwork

Brothers Patrick (nine years old) and Cameron (six), have each been attending the Centre for three years, since moving to Niagara. Each has their own unique needs, but the team at the Centre is able to work with the whole family to ensure both receive the best possible therapy and services.

Born 12 weeks early, Patrick remained in hospital and was subsequently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He is tube-fed, and non-verbal. While attending the Niagara Children’s Centre School, Patrick receives physiotherapy, occupational therapy as well as Augmentative Alternative Communication support. Working tirelessly with his team, the family is working to find the most appropriate communication tool.  

Cameron attended the intensive preschool program, and accessed occupational and speech therapy, as well as attending one year at the School. Managing the schedules of two children receiving services can be a struggle, but the therapy teams worked together to ensure the family could attend all necessary appointments. 

“Niagara Children’s Centre welcomed us, made us feel secure and hopeful about our children’s development. Balancing two children requiring services has been a challenge, but with the support of a social worker who helps us to navigate, we are able to utilize the different services offered to our boys with a bit more ease,” said the boys’ mother, Ewa. 



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