Zenek and Sasha

Zenek and Sasha's Story
Gabe and Amber are parents who know the importance of Niagara Children’s Centre, two times over. Their son Zenek, two and a half, and daughter Sasha, 11 months, both access speech services. 
Both children were born with profound hearing loss and have had cochlear implants – an electronic device that, once implanted, stimulates the hearing nerve directly, bypassing the damaged part of the ear. 
Zenek began receiving audio verbal speech therapy after receiving his cochlear implant to encourage active listening. Amber explains, “Our therapist was reassuring and understanding and soon we began seeing changes in Zenek in the way he responded to us. He’d move to music and was babbling new sounds!” 
Sasha isn’t far behind her brother, and is now receiving the same therapy after having surgery for bilateral cochlear implants. 
The family is excited for the future, “Before we know it, with the help of Niagara Children’s Centre, Zenek and Sasha will be singing songs loudly along with their big brothers!” 


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