Complaints & Compliments

Information about Our Complaints and Compliments Process

Niagara Children’s Centre is committed to providing you quality care and service, based on a family-centred care philosophy.  Our Centre’s values are:
  • Respect underlies all we do
  • Excellence and innovation are the cornerstone of our achievement
  • Children and Families come first
  • Teamwork and partnerships are vital  
While involved with Niagara Children’s Centre you have the right to:
  • receive quality care and service, in a clean and safe environment
  • be involved in decision making regarding your child
  • receive information and answers to your questions about our services,  your child and your child’s individual service plan
  • give or refuse consent to any proposed care and to be advised of the risks and benefits of the therapy being proposed
  • be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect
  • privacy and confidentiality of your health information and record of care 
  • have your language, culture, religion and sexual orientation respected 
  • receive care in an environment free from abuse, exploitation, retaliation 
  • have your have questions and concerns, heard without fear of reprisal, and to expect the Centre staff to provide a timely response to your concerns
  • be informed of any unanticipated service reductions and contingency plans related to your child’s service


If you have any concerns, we encourage you to first discuss your concern with your child’s therapist or the person involved.   If the result is not to your satisfaction, you may direct your concern, verbally or in writing to the manager of your child’s team.  If satisfactory resolution is not achieved within 10 business days, your concern may be directed to the Centre’s Chief Executive Officer.

We also welcome any compliments.  If would like to recognize an employee, team or the Centre, please notify the respective Manager.


Centre Contacts

Postion Name Phone Email

Director,  Clinical Services

Dorothy Harvey

905 688 1890 ext 200


Director, Corporate Services and Finance

Tammy Davey-Wiebe

905 688 1890 ext 103

Director, Development

Marla Smith 905 688 1980 ext 106

Chief Executive Officer

Oksana Fisher

905 688 1890 ext 102



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