Family Mentor Program

Family Mentor Program


The Family Mentor Program has officially launched and is now open for referrals!

The Family Mentor Program is a new program at Niagara Children’s Centre designed to complement services and supports families are currently receiving. The program matches trained volunteer family mentors with Centre parents and caregivers who would benefit from additional guidance and peer support. Great efforts are made to match parents and caregivers with a mentor who will best meet their individual needs.  

The goal of the program is to empower and strengthen parents and caregivers by providing them with additional resources, information on Centre services, events, and opportunities, and offering extra support to help them on their unique journey from a family that shares similar experiences. Evidence-based research shows that peer support reduces feelings of isolation, anxiety and builds skills and confidence in parents with children who have multiple special needs. 


Please contact your social worker or therapist at the Centre to request a referral to the Family Mentor Program. 

If you have questions about the program, are interested in becoming a Mentor, or would like to self-refer please email:


*In some cases, families may require supports that go beyond what our Volunteer Family Mentors are able to offer. These Parents and Caregivers will be referred to other programs for more support. 

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