Inclement Weather Policy


Niagara Children’s Centre will consider the safety of clients and employees in the Centre’s determination of plans during inclement weather.

The Centre will normally remain open in the event of inclement weather, but will notify the public in the following ways, should the conditions be severe enough to warrant a closure:

·         A notice will appear on the homepage of the Centre’s website;

·         A message on the Centre’s main switchboard voicemail will provide details of the closure (905-688-3550);

·         Radio stations will be notified, and will report where possible.


There are many occasions when the   Niagara Children’s Centre School closes, however Niagara Children’s Centre remains open.  If unsure, please check the Centre’s switchboard or website for the most accurate information.

Staff will be advised not to travel offsite for appointments during severe, inclement weather, meaning some home appointments might be cancelled in the event of a closure. 


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