Missed Appointments

We understand that it may be necessary to miss occasional appointments due to illness or other conflicts.  However, it is important that you call to cancel the appointment as early as possible.  For appointments or meetings with the team, leave a message with the social worker.  For individual sessions, contact the treating therapist.  

If team members are not informed, this results in lost time which is very costly to our health care system and takes up time that might be otherwise scheduled to see another client. 

For assessment or recheck appointments, remember to notify other professionals, such as your Infant and Child Development Services Worker or your Resource Teacher, if they were planning to attend.  

Clients who do not show up for two appointments (without notifying therapists in advance) will be discharged from services at the Centre.  These are considered “No Show” appointments.  Frequent cancellations may also be cause for discharge at the discretion of the therapist(s).

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