Seating and Mobility

Who We Are

limited functional mobility.  The team consists of a Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist who are both authorizers for the Assistive Devices Program through the Ministry of Heath.   Seating Technicians and Vendors are selected by the client and included in appointments as necessary. The team works with the family to provide the most appropriate mobility device for their child.  

These devices include:  wheelchairs (power and manual), strollers and seating inserts (custom and modular - off-the-shelf).


Services are provided through consultation.  Children with seating or mobility needs are referred to the program. These children are assessed to determine the most appropriate device. Equipment is then trialled (if necessary) and fit to the client.  The child is then discharged and can be seen again on the request of the youth, caregiver, treating therapist or physician. 

Education about the seating system is provided to the child, youth and family, as well as referring therapists.

Seating Clinic therapists assist families in obtaining funding for seating and mobility equipment.

Contact and Referrals

Referrals from physicians or therapists and families are accepted by intake at (905) 688-1890 ext 110

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