Resources for Families

Development of Arches

Development of Arches informational handout.

Backpack Safety Tips

Recreation Therapy Calendar

Winter 2020: swim programs and Eye Openers

AAC Myths & FAQ's

Some common myths and FAQ's about AAC

SSAH Parent Manual

Revised Special Services At Home Parent Manual

Family Education Calendar

Winter 2020 Parent Education Calendar

Bowlegs and Knock-Knees

Understanding Bow-Legs & Knock-Knees

In Toeing & Out-Toeing

In Toeing & Out-Toeing informational handout.

W-Sitting: What is it?

W-Sitting: What is it? Informational handout.

Calming Ways to Position Your Premature Baby

Informational handout.

Design Copy Skills

Informational handout.

Drawing Skills

Informational handout.

Drawing to Painting

Informational handout.


Informational handout.

Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers

Informational handout.

Pencil Grasp

Informational handout.

Pre-Printing Activities

Informational handout on ideas of activities and exercises to do to help your child to learn how the shapes of the letters are drawn.

Scissor Skills

Informational handout.

Positioning Techniques for your Baby's Flat Head

Informational handout.

Parent Handout for Torticollis

Informational handout.

Hear On Videos

The Hear On suite of learning videos was created for families of children identified with permanent hearing loss. They were each created with a clear parent need for information in mind. 

Jooay App

An online database that offers families access to information for over 100 community recreation programs in Niagara and beyond.

Teaching AAC Website Link

COVID-19 AAC Resources

You can access visual schedules for handwashing, social narratives, videos, educational materials, and more.


Exercauser and Jolly Jumper Guidelines

Clinical Services Information Guide

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