Transition Plans

The Niagara Children’s Centre School is not designed to be a permanent educational environment for students.  Central to our design is the successful transition of students to and from community school placements with replicable strategies for participation in learning as well as the transfer of knowledge from our teachers and therapists to teachers in the broader educational community.

Each transition is carefully planned in consultation with families and the staff of the receiving school.

A transition plan is a guide which outlines the daily, short term and long term changes in a student’s programs. It includes smaller transitions, such as those between activities and environments with the school day, as well as bigger transitions, such as beginning a new grade/school year, or moving to a new school.

The transition plan is reviewed and updated as part of the IEP review process. The transition plan addresses the physical, social/emotional and learning needs of the student as they move through their academic career.

Contained within the transition plan are:

·         Individual goals
·         Actions required to achieve those goals
·         Identified individuals responsible for actions required
·         Specific timelines for completion

As per Ministry of Education Policy and Program Memorandum 156: “A transition plan must be developed for all students who have an IEP, whether or not they have been identified as exceptional by an Identification Placement and Review Committee (IPRC). The transition plan is developed as part of the IEP.” 

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